Hunting Partners (self-published, 2011)
66 pages, 5.83" x 8.26"




One of the first photography books I owned growing up was a calendar book of North American wildlife. I looked at it often, but had some ongoing confusion about the photographs. I thought the name of each photographer, which was printed below each image, was the name of the animal. So, a bluegill impaled on a heron’s beak might be Gary Fleming. In making this book, I realized that my fascination was not with hunting itself, but with the relationships between people and animals, as framed in a photograph. Yes, the animal is dead, but for a brief moment it’s as if everything in its life has led up to that point. These pictures show an intimacy that, I guess, can only be approached through death or through love. But how did they happen? Surely, the animals didn’t seek out the hunters. We must assume that each of these hunters has either gone out in search of himself, or has just happened to discover himself along the way.