Los Angeles, CA     
sethlower (at) gmail.com   




San Francisco Art Institute, MFA 2008  
The University of Michigan, BFA 2004  




The Sun Shone Glaringly, The Ice Plant


Man with Buoy and Other Tales, Little Brown Mushroom


Exhibitions & Screenings


Cheating Reality, The Weekend Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Curated by Josh Schaedel, Edward Cushenberry, and Maxwell McMaster

Tours of the Arroyo: Flowing Water, Fruitful Valley, Pasadena Central Library, Pasadena, CA, in conjunction with Maiden LA*


metro pcs in heaven, metro pcs, Los Angeles, CA


Photographs and a Video, Glass Basement, Berlin, Germany,* presented by Care of Editions

Specters of the West. Fotografie in der Zwischenzone, Bäckerstraße 4, Vienna, Austria. Curated by Claudia Slanar
Eternal Om,
metro pcs, Los Angeles, CA. Curated by Ian James
Care Of Editions: Proposals for an Imaginary Music, Bartleby & Co., Berlin, Germany
Care of Editions Video Vorspiel, N.K. , Berlin, Germany


Hands, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA*
Artist's Books & Cookies, Ooga Booga #2, Los Angeles, CA
SFAI Alumni Exhibition, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
The Photo Show, Craft Studio, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO


Narcissism, the Real, the Fake, and the Anti-Digital Impulse, Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles. Curated by Biddy Tran
Co/Lab, Art Platform Los Angeles (WEEKEND)
Follow Up, West Place, Albany, CA. Curated by Benjamin Echeverria
Artists Merchandising Art, Wonderloch Kellerland, Los Angeles, CA


Diamonds Are Forever, WEEKEND, Los Angeles, CA*
SVIT L.A., 1549 Baxter St., Los Angeles, CA. Curated by Zuzana Blochova and Benjamin Echeverria
Anatomy of a Moment -- It is a Poor Kind of Memory That Only Goes Backwards,
Valand School of Fine Art, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Curated by Jasmine Idun Lyman
Sunny Side Up
, Margate Photo Fest, Margate, UK. Curated by Wandering Bears
Over My Dead Body
, Root Division, San Francisco, CA. With David Wolf. Curated by Hava Liberman and Laura Boles Faw
Craft Studio, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO*

Mirror, Royal NoneSuch, Oakland, CA*
Exquisite Corpse, Civilian Art Projects, Washington, DC
Displacement, Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, MI

Looking for Lee Ming, The Lab, San Francisco, CA*
Looking for Lee Ming, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan*
Exercises in Seeing, Queen’s Nails Projects, San Francisco, CA 
The Man Behind the Curtain, Mission 17, San Francisco, CA. Curated by Laura Mott
Silent Eaters, Temescal Contemporary, Oakland, CA. Curated by Benjamin Echeverria and Jesse Walton

The Raccoon Shirt Coincidence, New Insights, Art Chicago, Chicago, IL. Curated by Susanne Ghez*
The Cusp of Greatness, Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco, CA*
Numbers Game, Rhodes & Fletcher, LLC, San Francisco, CA. Curated by Laura Mott
About Me: Seth Lower, A Solo Show, Sea and Space Explorations, Los Angeles, CA
Young Curators, New Ideas, Bond Street Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Grant Willing    
The Myth of Difference, The Gallery Project, Ann Arbor,MI. Curated by Lisa Steichmann
Meet Waradise, New York, NY. Curated by Alana Celii & Grant Willing

* denotes solo exhibitions


Public Collections


Museum of Modern Art Library, New York, NY (with Library of the Printed Web)


Booklets & Zines



Hunting Partners, self-published

Prospects, self-published



Frog Song, self-published


Canteen, issue 9


No Nay Never No More, Oranbeg Press

Hamburger Eyes, issue 12
Meatpaper, issue 3




The Art Book Review, "The Sun Shone Glaringly", reviewed by Adam Bell
Phases Magazine, "A Medicine for Melancholy," April 11
Entropy, "The Sun Shone Glaringly, " by Joseph Houlihan, February 16


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Gaze, Issue 4, Interview with Tsai, Jia-Zhen, December
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TheArtBookReview.org: "In Defiance of Being Here," May 27


Awards & Residencies

Nomination, John Gutmann Photography Fellowship Award, 2013
Nomination, Baum Award for Emerging American Photographers, 2012
Artist Residency, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, 2009
Artist Residency, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA, 2008
Honorable Mention, Hey, Hot Shot! Jen Bekman Gallery, New York, NY, 2007

Lectures & Discussions

Visiting Artist & Guest Juror, Gussman Student Exhibition, University of Tulsa School of Art, March 2014
Lecture, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, October 2012
Panel Discussion, Uncanny Valley, Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, June 2012
Lecture, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, May 2009